Collective Worship - Harriet Tubman
Huge thanks to Reverand Lee not only for his wonderful collective worship this week but also for all of his support over this academic year! We feel so lucky to be linked to such a wonderful church! Particularly over this difficult time they have provided our school community with such wonderful support. I Hope you enjoy this collective worship all about Harriet Tubman.
Collective Worship - Sophie Scholl and John Henry Newman Thank you to Rev. Lee for this week's Collective Worship all about Sophie Scholl and John Henry Newman.
Collective Worship - William Temple
On Sunday you may have been out clapping to mark the 72nd Birthday of the incredible NHS. This weeks collective worship is all about William Temple, a former Archbishop who helped form the NHS as an organisation to support all!
Collective Worship - Julian of Norwich
Thank you to Rev. Lee for this week's collective worship all about Julian of Norwich.
Collective Worship - St Alban
Thank you to Rev. Lee for this week's collective worship all about St Alban
Collective Worship - Martin Luther King Jr.
We all have a duty to question the world around us and to educate our children about the past to enable a brighter future. Sadly this historical fight must continue today. Huge thanks to Rev. Lee for this weeks collective worship about Martin Luther King Jr. Please watch and take the time afterwards to learn about other key figures in the civil rights movement or today's black lives matter campaign. Think about how their actions match up to our school values and please share your thoughts in the comments below. We stand against hate, racism, injustice and inequality of all kinds. Join us!
Collective Worship - 13/05/2020
This week's collective worship is all about overcoming your fears and finding comfort in your faith. What do you think Rufus might be scared of?
We hope you enjoy the story!
God Bless.
Looking to the Rainbow!
Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our virtual choir, we hope you are as thrilled with the finished product as we are! You did such an incredible job and showed what a special place The Bishops' is. Huge thanks to Mrs Hulance for planning and Miss Parr for her wonderful editing skills! Parent Warning: You may need tissues at the ready!
We hope you all have a wonderful half term, Stay Safe!
Collective Worship - 27/04/20
We hope you enjoy this week's Collective Worship all about the story of Noah. Delivered by the Richards Family and starring Rufus of course!
Collective Worship - Trust - 20/04/20
Here is this week's collective worship delivered by our Head Teacher Mr Richards and his new worship leaders! It's all about this Half Term's Value of Trust. Please look in the comments for a prayer from Rev. Lee too