The 1996 Education Act makes it very clear that parents must ensure that their child of school age receives regular, full time Education.

In September 2013 Legislation was updated.

Head Teachers lost the autonomy to authorise term time holidays.

In April 2017, the Supreme Court held that attending school on every day that the school requires him/her to do so and failure to do this may lead to the commission of an offence.

Any pupil with less than 91% attendance must be referred to LA for persistent absenteeism.

Any pupil that is withheld from Education for a holiday for 5 days or more (doesn't need to be consecutive) during an Academic year will be referred to the LA. 


The Bishops' C of E Learning Academy provides a rich and diverse curriculum. We expect children to attend school every day and on time.

Lessons start at 8:55am prompt and the children are engaged from 8.45 to 8:55 in activities that enhance their ability to settle and focus. Lessons finish at 3.15 and children are expected to be collected promptly by their allocated adult.

Emma French the Safeguarding Lead has the responsibly to know where every pupil is during the school day. The school has a duty of care to every pupil whether they are in attendance or not.

Parents are expected to contact the school before 9am every morning should their child not be well enough to attend. 

We welcome children back into school during the day should they recover with medication or rest after the start of the day.

Any other non-attendance should be outlined in writing to the Head Teacher

All medical or dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. Should an appointment be made by health care specialists to deliver a bespoke care plan for your child, evidence needs to be shared with the Reception team.