Summer Term Information

Welcome to Summer Term - 2022

This term our main topic and big question that that the children will be focusing on is: what makes our world so wonderful?

In science, the children will be learning about plants and then moving onto habitats.

In RE we are first focussing on what good news Jesus brings and next, what makes some people and places in Cornwall sacred.

Our school value is trust for the first half-term and courage in the second half-term.

Below you will find a range of information relating to what the children will be learning about this term and resources, to support the children’s learning. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Dojo. 

Many thanks, 

Mrs Warren, Mrs Rule and Mrs Hawthorn

We will be reading a range of short fiction story books, such as Handa's Surprise about our world and countries from around the world. We will also be exploring different non-fiction books, for example '10 Reasons Why We Love Turtles'. Did you know that turtles cry?