Curriculum Components

At The Bishops' Church of England Learning Academy we use the excellent Understanding Christianity resource as the basis for our RE teaching about Christianity. It uses scripture as a starting point for discussions about God, the Bible, Jesus and how Christians live. It encourages children to consider life from a Christian point of view, yet also allows for children with other opinions to air their views. It is a creative approach that includes art, music and poetry. We use discussion and debate as a vehicle for critical thinking, and our values are the basis of our learning.  Understanding Christianity covers most of Curriculum Kernewek (2014 Cornwall Agreed Syllabus)- the remaining areas can be seen on our long term plan. 


As a C of E Academy 60% of our curriculum coverage is Christianity, with the remaining 40% spent finding out about other world religions. We aim to enable children to live together well with those of all other religions and cultures.