Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Why is it important that I continue learning?

  • Having a routine and keeping both your brain and body active will keep the children healthy.
  • It is important for us all to continue learning – even us teachers are learning something new every day!
  • Remember the children will return to school so we need them to be prepared for this and we want to make sure they are ready!
It is a way that we, as teachers, can continue to stay in contact with and support you – remember we are still your teachers and we are available if you need our help.

What should EYFS children do?


  • The EYFS team will provide weekly activities that are based around a story.  The story will be able to be found on You tube and we will also record ourselves reading it and put it on Tapestry.
  • The activities will cover most of the areas of learning but please do not feel pressured to complete all the activities.  Select activities that will work for you and your family.  At least one adult directed writing activity and maths activity a week is desirable alongside three or four other activities listed.
  • In the adult led activities the children will need your support and encouragement.  The adult led activities should be for 15- 20 minutes long, but you know your children best and if you sense they are restless stop for a break.  Try to avoid doing the work for them to copy, children learn best by having a go and learning from their mistakes.  The adult role is to encourage and support and point them in the right direction.  Let them have a go first and then show them.   
  • The EYFS day is made up of periods of play and short blocks of adult directed activity.  The children will need blocks of time to play and make up games. During this play you can extend their learning.  Some examples of this are if they have set up a shop and are playing shops can they count out some money in one pence coins or even two pence coins.  Can they write a shopping list?  If they have made a den can they make a sign to go with the den?  If they make a model can they write their name neatly as a label
  • Switch off!  Try to turn off anything in the adult directed learning that will cause distraction; TV / mobile phones / social media / games.
  • Login into Tapestry and have a look at the activities that your teacher has set.
  • Complete the work and some of the activities that your teacher has set you will get feedback for the assignment work once it has been submitted. 
  • Let your teacher know what else you’ve been up to by sending a photo or video through Tapestry.
  • Try your best - have a go at any learning opportunities on offer!
What do I do if I get stuck?

If you are unsure of the activities and tasks, then message your

teacher directly through Tapestry to ask them for help.  If your child has a

different idea or interpretation of an activity and wants to write or do something different it is absolutely no problem.  In EYFS we follow the children’s interests and if this is motivating the children let them do it.   

How do I get started?
As all of our parents are already logged onto Tapestry, we will be using this to post our weekly learning tasks and communicate with our Early Years Families. 
Here is the link to Tapestry. Head over now to find our weekly videos and challenges.
We have also filmed a short tutorial to support you with using Tapestry.