Our Local Advisory Board

If you would like to contact our Governors please e mail C/O the school at or write to The Bishops' C of E Learning Academy, Treninnick Hill, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 2SR


Jo Harrison - Parent Governor/Chair of Governors

My name is Jo Harrison and I’m really pleased to be a Parent Governor for our school. 
My son is now in Year 5 so is really just starting his journey through school.  I want to ensure that this school experience is an amazing one for him and all of the children.  I believe school should be a place where children feel safe, nurtured and supported to be the best that they can be, not only through what they learn in the classroom but through the friendships they build and the new responsibilities and challenges they take on.
As a Governor, I’d like to work with the school to make sure it continues to offer the best learning and development for our children and to celebrate our achievements.  I’d also like to work with you and the school to recognise where we need to make improvements make changes that will benefit our children. 
I’m a Communications Specialist for Cornwall Council which means that I help to communicate news and information about what the Council is doing, whether its replying to a question from the media, planning an event or writing a newsletter.  I think my experience will help me to support the school to communicate with you in the best way and make sure that you, as parents, have a voice so we have open and honest conversations about what is happening with the school and our children.  I know the school is committed to the safeguarding everyone at the school.  I’m a Safeguarding Advocate for the Council and I support our safeguarding teams to raise awareness about this important issue. Although I am not an expert, I’m really passionate about this and will do my best to make sure that the school is a safe environment for our children as they continue to grow and learn


Sharon Redman: Associate Governor/Finance and Personnel/Business Manager

I have been involved with the school for the last 15 years firstly as a Foundation Governor and then Chair. I resigned in March 2015 as I was appointed  the School Business Manager. I have lived in Newquay since 2002 having moved from London, both my children, Hannah and Katie attended The Bishops' and thoroughly enjoyed their experience here. I ensure that the school logisitics and operations run smoothly which covers many aspects and because of my passion for the school I will always have the teachers, governors and more importantly the children at heart.


Jem Thorold (Rev'd Jem) - Foundation Governor

I have been in Newquay since September 2016 having lived in Cornwall for 10 years and am delighted to be a Governor of The Bishops' School. I would like to build on the already excellent relationship enjoyed between the school and the church, seeking an opportunity to be seen in school and welcoming children, their families, staff and governors to St Michael's Church, but especially also to share in the prayer life and worship at school.

I am married to Sue with three adult children living 'up country', so far we have amassed 2 grandchildren.


Joe Sharples - Parent Governor

I am 67 years of age and have been married to my wife Barbara for 46 years. I have two grown up daughters, one of whom has two children currently attending Bishop’s, with a further child to start next year.

My working life was spent in executive distribution management and in later years, running the European distribution operation for a major American multi-national industrial gas and chemicals company.

Since retiring I spent my time in property development in Cheshire prior to moving to Cornwall in 2009 and building our current house in Talland Bay. During this time, I was a trustee/ secretary of an international children’s charity based in Chichester. I travelled to Romania to help with the development of a number of apartments purchased as part of a project to support children from leaving the orphanages to obtaining work and being able to support themselves.

Once living in Cornwall, I joined the PCC for our local church in Talland and became treasurer, helping to ensure that we can keep the church open for the benefit of the community.

I believe passionately that children require a spiritual and moral compass and that home and school together can help them develop strong characters and values to equip them for the future.


John Madge - Foundation Governor

A retired teacher who spent most of his working life in the Reading area teaching science (mainly chemistry) to A level standard and some Maths to GCSE level.

Brought up in Cornwall near Bude and always enjoyed being by the sea hence the return to Cornwall to retire but also to live near my daughter and grandchildren who live in St Columb Road.

Attends St. Columb Minor Church and also takes part in Open the Book assemblies at 3 of the Primary schools in Newquay on a regular basis. This includes Bishop's School. I am delighted to have the opportunity to be involved with the School and to make some small contribution to the work of the Governing Body and the well-being of the school and children.

Interests include DIY, history, playing golf, watching sport, surfing (mainly watching now rather than doing it!) and listening to music.


Tim King- Parent Governor

Although a proud Welshman, in 2012 my wife Leanne and I decided to move to Cornwall to raise our two young children, who currently attend Bishops’.

 I believe that all of our children can achieve their dreams and should be encouraged to do so. For me, the Bishops school’s nurturing environment, reinforced with its Christian values and passionate teachers, is laying the foundations on which these dreams can be built. Through my role as Foundation Governor, I will support the school to the best of my ability, ensuring that our children and the staff at Bishops continue to flourish.

My working life started in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, notably the Parachute Regiment. Later on, I opted for a career on the Railway, working across the country, eventually accepting promotion to management. My current role is a Business Change Manager at Network Rail.

As a lifelong learner I also attend the University of the West of England, where I am studying part time a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. I also hold qualifications in Leadership & Management, Change and Project Management.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and swimming. I have recently started to learn to Paraglide.


Beata Nowak - Parent Governor

My name is Beata Nowak and I am a mother of two girls age six and nine, attending Bishops' Academy. I come from Poland; however, I have lived in Newquay for the last fifteen years and my children were born here.

I believe it is vital that every child has an opportunity to achieve the best possible education in the place where they feel safe and valued. In my opinion, the quality of primary education is strongly linked with child success in life and I think that my previous experience can benefit the school in recognising the areas that need improvements. Together we can make the changes which will help our children to thrive.

In my professional background, I have developed a broad experience of working with children and their families for the past eight years. I worked at Treviglas College where my role as the Discreet Group Specialist, was to support children with special educational needs, disabilities and those with English as an additional language.  After six years there I decided to continue my education and achieved Children and Young Peoples Workforce, Foundation Degree. Currently, I am in my last year of university to become a Bachelor of Social Science and I also support community as a translator for public services such as the NHS and Social Services. Three years ago, alongside other dedicated volunteering parents, we established a Polish School in Cornwall, which is a non-profit organisation to give Polish children an opportunity to learn the language as well as discover traditions. Pupils and parents can also seek advice about the British education system as well as other aspects of life in the UK. As the Head of the School as well as the Safeguarding Officer, I understand the importance of positive relationships between children, parents and the school.

The role of the School Governor is special, I hope I can help to ensure that the school continue to maximise opportunities in all areas of the curriculum and allow our children to have the best start in their educational journey. 

Rachael Hatch -  Foundation Governor.

Lee Chantler - Foundation Governor.

Ingrid Yeomans - Staff Governor