Welcome back to school! Breakfast club and Lounge club starts Monday 14th September. Class clubs start Monday 21st September. More info to follow.
The Bishops C of E Learning Academy

The Bishops' C of E Learning Academy

The Blossom Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Statement 

The Bishops' is committed to meeting the requirements of the primary National Curriculum, through a cross curricular, inspiring, engaging and high-level enquiry based approach and is taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners..

The curriculum has two elements; to provide opportunities for all children to feel a sense of belonging, believing, aspiring and achieving and to inspire a passion for learning, in readiness for the next stage of education.

Topic Learning

At The Bishops', we use a blocked enquiry based approach to the teaching of topics. This means that children will be taught each subject in a block rather than 1 lesson a week. The rationale for this is that the children can be fully immersed in a particular subject; developing a love of learning. There is an emphasis on first hand experiences as motivators for the topics, this includes class trips, visitors into school and planned events.  Each topic starts with a ‘big question’ which allows the children to ‘open their minds’ and take ownership of their learning. The activities develop the skills of the child and we are proud that our curriculum develops a clear progression of skills throughout their time at The Bishops.

Please click on the Year group links to find out all about the curriculum for the children in those classes.