Our Topic Legacy Outcomes

Each year group at The Bishops' focus on a different topic each term. These topics build to a Legacy Outcome which must bring all of the learning together and have a real world impact. Our pupils work incredibly hard on these and we are very proud of the finished results. 
Autumn Term
Year 5/6 - Does every child have a voice? 
Year 5 and 6 have been learning about the lives of children around the world, black history and children's rights. They have been asking the question: Does every child have a voice? For their legacy outcome they have been thinking about their own voice in the world. They have written their own 'I have a Dream' speeches, which were inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They also designed and produced their own coat of arms which represented themselves and helped to answer their big question. 
So...Does every child have a voice? Take a look and see what you think! 
Year 4 - How can you get a picture of the past? 
This term Year 4 have had a history focus: Ancient Egypt, The Tudors and many other time periods. In addition to learning about how people lived their lives, important events and people, they have also been thinking about the ways in which we learn about the past. This has shone a light on methods used such as archeology, artifacts and record making. Using these same skills both Whipsiderry and Gannel Classes created their own Museums. Ideally we would have liked to invite people in to explore the exhibits but in the circumstances their museums went online!  We hope you enjoy taking a virtual guided tour to give you a better picture of the past! 
Year 3 - Why wasn't Rome built in a day? 
Tolcarne and Atlantic classes have had a wonderful time learning all about Ancient Rome. It all started when they went back in time to have a video chat with Julius Caesar himself! Since then they have retold the story of Romulus and Remus using shadow puppets. Completed research and studied artifacts to understand more about how they lived. They have improved their geography skills by tracking the spread of an empire and discovered the huge impact they had on our world today. In art they used clay to recreate artifacts and they sampled a full Roman menu. There was even a day when a whole Roman Legion of soldiers descended on The Bishops'! 
So...Why wasn't Rome built in a day? Well there was just far too much to fit in...just like our topic! 
Year 2 - If you had a time machine what date would you set? 
Wow! What a question Year 2 had to explore. Of course the only way to do it was to build a time machine in the classroom and see where it took them! They have zoomed back to 1863 to see the London underground being opened, they took a look at Samuel Pepys' diary all about the Great Fire of London in 1666, in 2012 they were wowed by the London Olympics, they saw the celebrations for the first Armistice Day in 1919 and saw Guy Fawkes plans scuppered in 1605. 
So...watch their Legacy Outcome video below and decide...what date would you set? 
Year 1 - What makes me special? 
What better way to start the year than with a good look at themselves and what makes them so incredible! In science they have learnt all about animals and humans, they created self portraits in art and discovered how to stay healthy in DT by making healthy soups. They have discovered their own personal history and compared it to Victorian children. In geography they explored the local area, our school grounds and got to grips with the compass. To create a legacy Year 1 have buried a time capsule. They will dig it up before they leave The Bishops' in Year 6. They will be able to look back on how much they have learnt, changed and grown in those six years. 
What makes me special? Well in Year 1 that's pretty clear - EVERYTHING! 
Spring Term
Year 5/6
Last term, we explored the topic ‘what is left to explore?’ Most of the children started learning about this topic, working remotely at home and it was continued when all of the children returned to the classroom. Various different topics were covered, including: Elizabethan explorers, modern day explorers, as well as barely explored locations across the world. Our legacy outcome, involved creating PowerPoints for the children in EYFS to look at, who were also learning about explorers. Each of the Year Five and Six classes created a PowerPoint, which every child contributed to, linked to a different type of location across the world (deserts, rainforests and polar regions). The children in the EYFS enjoyed looking at the PowerPoints; they learned key facts about the different locations and the Year Five and Six children planned a range of imaginative and inspiring activities for the children to complete, ranging from acting in role as a different animal to drawing plants on the playground with chalk! Passing on knowledge to the younger children in the school was a really enjoyable experience for the Year Five and Six children and we are very proud of all of the children!
Year 4 - How has Cornwall Changed? 
Gannel and Whipsiderry had a fantastic term learning about our Topic of 'How has Cornwall Changed?' All the children thoroughly embraced this topic and many researched and found out about mining, fishing, farming and 'all things Cornwall'. It really was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and learn about our diverse environment around us from the past and now. We hope you enjoy our video that creates a snap shot of our learning. Well done Gannel and Whipsiderry. 
Year 3
In Tolcarne class this term we have been learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes and how they shape our world. Whilst these processes can be both terrifying and beautiful in equal measure, we as humans still have to live with these processes and the dangers which they cause. From earthquake survival kits to safety drills there are things which people all over the world prepare so that they are ready if the danger occurs. Our video will take you through how to act in the event of an earthquake and how you can keep yourself and those around you safe.
Where is the most dangerous place on earth? Where should you live if you want to avoid volcanoes and earthquakes? How could you survive an earthquake?
Atlantic class were keen to answer all of these questions and more! Watch our videos for the answers and some top tips for how to keep safe!
Year 2
This term Year 2 joined EYFS and Year 1 to learn all about Fairy tales. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the topic and liked how all the lessons linked to a story of the week.  Children had a lovely time linking, different subjects to a particular book  be it a science experiment involving Gingerbread men, designing a new Basket for Little Red Riding Hood or drawing and painting a new house for the Three little Pigs. For our legacy we designed a card game of guess the story which gave clues to some of our favourite fairy tales which we tested out on Year 1. We hope you enjoy the video showing us playing our fairy tale game.
Year 1
The children were very excited to share with you our legacy outcomes for the Spring term. We have been working really hard on learning our story and wanted you to be able to guess what it was! We came up with our own clues using a variety of techniques and methods. We finished with the retelling of our story, can you guess what it is?
Summer Term
Year 6
Year 5
This year for their Topic Legacy Outcome Year 5 organised our whole sports day using inspiration from the ancient world. I am sure you will agree they did a brilliant job!
Year 4
Year 3
Year 2
Year 1