Tapestry Workshop

At the Bishops' CofE Learning academy, we use an online learning journal to document your child's progress and achievements. We see Tapestry as a valuable resources for sharing photographs and observations, tracking your child's progress and keeping you up to date with your child's next steps. 
Here are some things our parents had to say about Tapestry in our parent questionnaire:
'I am so glad you have this at the school. It is fantastic. I love my seeing my child’s achievements and being there at every step of her school journey.'
'I find tapestry a valuable resource to track my child’s progress in between parent’s evenings.'
'My child is excited to see photos and videos of herself at nursery. She enjoys telling me about her day and the things she’s done and learnt with her friends.'
'I like sharing experiences from home and seeing progress with development as well as expanding areas achieved at school.'
'It shows my child that we have an interest in her learning and it helps us encourage her further.'
'We get to join in with our child’s school learning experience and we can reflect on what he has learnt.'
'I know more about my child’s development. I’m also aware of things what he is good at and things he needs to improve.'
'I like being able to see photos and feel like I’m included in his learning.'